Faucets & Toilets


When should you replace a faucet?

Old faucets with rusted internal parts will drip, this is the most common reason to replace a faucet. It you still have a faux crystal knob faucet in your bathroom it may be time to time-warp from the 80's and upgrade to a modern brushed nickel look. Old worn-out water connection pipes beneath the sink in the cabinet are vulnerable to cracking if bumped or snapping from old age, new braided hoses free of rust or calcium deposits can make your connections safer and water tastier.

Commercial Sink

Want a new sink installed?

Have Pete Black install a new sink in your basement for the wet-bar that you've always wanted. With the explosion of home-beer brewing a popular place for utility sinks are the garage. We can evaluate your plumbing lines and quote you for new sink installs anywhere in your house.